StinkyKid Trey

‘Always a Leader of Good’:
Saving the environment

Playing with clay, building sculptures with recycled plastic bottles, playing tether ball with StinkyKid Max

Favorite colors:
Red, light green, sky blue

Favorite Foods:
French fries, turkey, cotton candy

What he wants to be when he grows up:
A golfer

Special Talent:
Taking pictures of his family, friends and places he visits

Friendship Guide:
Younger brother of StinkyKid Hannah…
They love to practice their favorite sports together (golf and ballet)…
Family always sticks together.

Teaches StinkyKid Billy how to play golf every Wednesday…
They love to help each other improve each week…
Golfers always stick together.

Are you most like StinkyKid Trey?
Write to StinkyKid Trey and tell him how.

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