StinkyKid Max

‘Always a Leader of Good’:
Volunteering his services

Swimming, creating cartoon characters, playing the piano , playing soccer and football with teammate StinkyKid Johnny. Before swimming make sure to check out the best ear plugs reviewed here.

Favorite colors:
Dark Purple, Black, Green

Favorite Foods:
Sherbert, bologna sandwiches, kosher dill pickles

What he wants to be when he grows up:
A dad who owns his own business (entrepreneur)

Special Talent:
Doing ten chin-ups on his chin-up bar in less than one minute

Friendship Guide:
Best Buddies with StinkyKid Johnny…
They love to play sports together…
Teammates always stick together.

Playmate with StinkyKid Julie…
StinkyKid Julie is new to the neighborhood…
New friends always stick together.

Volunteers with StinkyKid Billy…
They met while donated their old toys…
Generous people always stick together.

Are you most like StinkyKid Max?
Write to StinkyKid Max and tell him how.

2 Responses to StinkyKid Max

  1. My grandson, Ethan, has Williams Sysdrom and loves basketball and video games. He loves everyone, part of Williams, and calls me granny. He has blond hair and look some like StinkyKid Max. I love him very much.

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