StinkyKid Julie

‘Always a Leader of Good’:
Creating unity with others and friendships.

Hop scotch, reading in her princess bed, riding bikes with her neighbor StinkyKid Max

Favorite colors:
Gold, Orange, Sparkly red

Favorite Foods:
Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches, lime flavored gelatin, green beans with ketchup

What she wants to be when she grows up:
A stuffed animal creator

Special Talent:
All at once, jumping flat on tummy, bouncing on knees and sitting cris-cross applesauce on the trampoline

Friendship Guide:
StinkyKid Julie is new to the neighborhood and has a playdate with StinkyKid Max…
New friends always stick together.

Met StinkyKid Hannah at a playdate with StinkyKid Max…
They love to build with blocks together…
Playmates and builders always stick together.

Are you most like StinkyKid Julie?
Write to StinkyKid Julie and tell her how.

2 Responses to StinkyKid Julie

  1. I am alot like you because im a friendly persoon and i can do all that stuff on the tramp. to and i love the colors gold and orange and i love sparkly things. i love pb&j i could eat it every day for the rest of my life!!!

    i hope u respond back,

  2. Because our name sound the same Julie and Jolie. My mom calls me stinkey Jolie. I can do all that stuff on the trampoline to and I love peanut butter and dJelly sandwiches. I have brown hair and my most favorite things are my stuffed animals and I want to be a vet when i grow ups so I practice on them.

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