StinkyKid Johnny

‘Always a Leader of Good’:
For being the Champion of Fun

Being goofy and making his friends belly laugh, playing baseball with his favorite teammate StinkyKid Max, reading, collecting comic books and mint green party supplies

Favorite colors:
Blue with different color polka dots, Clown nose red, Bluish green

Favorite Foods:
Beef tenderloin, key lime pie, potato chips

What he wants to be when he grows up:
A producer of movies

Special Talent:
Making funny noises using his hands and underarms

Friendship Guide:
Best Buddies with StinkyKid Max…
They love to play sports together…
Teammates always stick together.

Neighbor of StinkyKid Jen…
They love to play together before dinner…
Neighbors and playmates always stick together.

Are you most like StinkyKid Johnny?
Write to StinkyKid Johnny and tell him how.

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