StinkyKid Joey

‘Always a Leader of Good’:
For her compassion of animals

Walking her doggie Clyde with her cousin’s StinkyKid Max and StinkyKid Britt, babysitting her friends pets, cooking with her parents

Favorite colors:
Magenta, Pale Blue, Tan

Favorite Foods:
Sushi, doughnuts, rice

What she wants to be when she grows up:
A teacher who also owns an adopt a pet business

Special Talent:
Hula hooping while walking across her backyard and wiggling her ears

Friendship Guide:
Playmates with StinkyKid Johnny and StinkyKid Jen…
They love to play outside before dinner…
Playmates always stick together.

Are you most like StinkyKid Joey?
Write to StinkyKid Joey and tell her how.

6 Responses to StinkyKid Joey

  1. I am most like Joey because i like unusual foods like sushi.Also i always wanted to be a teacher. She is my favorite StinkyKid.

  2. I am the most like Joey because I love sushi. And I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Also, I love animals!

  3. I am the most like StinkyKid Joey because it’s my name and looks just like me. Even my best friend Soleil thought so when she found it for me! Also, i love sushi and teaching and everyone says I’m a little stinky too!

  4. Joey is my favorite because she’s the cutest and most fun to play with. I love that her favorite foods, independently of one another, are sushi and rice- how superfluous hippopotamus snuffleupagus!!! She’s always smiling and prancing around with friends and exploring new adventures, and everyone always wants to play with her because she’s so charming, sweet, and friendly! Everybody loves Joey, but I love her the most… Times 7!!!!!!! Annnnnd how!!!!

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