StinkyKid Billy

‘Always a Leader of Good’:
With putting others first and sharing

Donating toys with buddy StinkyKid Max at a toy bank, playing video games with his dad, building with blocks

Favorite colors:
Royal Blue, Grey, Garnet

Favorite Foods:
Strawberry and banana smoothies, pizza, spinach

What he wants to be when he grows up:
An inventor of video games and a volunteer fireman

Special Talent:
On a school day morning, can race to the bus stop in 36 seconds

Friendship Guide:

Learns how to play golf from StinkyKid Trey every Wednesday…
They love to help each other improve each week…
Golfers always stick together.

Volunteers with StinkyKid Max…
They met while donated their old toys…
Generous people always stick together.

Enjoys pretending to be a fireman with StinkyKid Johnny after school…
They both like to take care of the fire dog Alex…
Fireman always stick together.

Are you most like StinkyKid Billy?
Write to StinkyKid Billy and tell him how.

2 Responses to StinkyKid Billy

  1. My 6 year old nephew absolutely loves Billy!! My nephew and his 4 year old sister are being raised by his mom, with lots of love and help from Grandma. The best compliment I will ever receive in my lifetime, was when he told me “Auntie, he looks like me.” Thanks so much for your wonderful products and web site. Hurry up and write the rest of your book series!

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