“StinkyKids® Have a Heart” Children’s Book Now Available

Third book in series emphasizes anti-bullying message for young children

(Atlanta, Ga) – StinkyKids LLC announced today it has released a third book in the StinkyKids series, “StinkyKids Have a Heart,” by award-winning children’s author and creator, Britt Menzies. The book, which emphasizes anti-bullying and includes positive messages of collaboration and friendship is appropriate for young children. The initial two books, “StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors,” and “StinkyKids See a Full Moon,” are both Mom’s Choice Silver Award Winners. The books are published by Raven Tree Press and are available in hard cover format and digital formats, including the NOOK Tablet™ and NOOK Color™. Each digital story is read by the author, Britt Menzies, who brings the StinkyKids characters and situations to life through her engaging and colorful adaptations.

“I was motivated to write ‘StinkyKids Have a Heart’ because I was picked on and bullied as a child,” says award-winning children’s author, Britt Menzies. “When your heart is hurt by unkind words, it takes a long time for your heart to heal. I wanted to inspire young children to believe in themselves and make right choices, and know that the hurt will go away.”

“I love this book,” noted Kelli B. Ritter, Ph.D. and founder of Effective Parenting, LLC. “We all remember what it feels like to be hurt and left out by others. This book enables parents and educators to teach their children to be kind to others and take a stand against bullying. 

StinkyKids is a hilarious and heart-warming new children’s property that centers around 10 diverse characters each with their own personalities who help kids make right choices and live by the motto, “Always Be a Leader of Good.” Each hilarious, funny and real-life adventure captures the innocence of childhood and the lessons we learn from our mistakes. In 2012, StinkyKids was adapted for the theater. StinkyKids The Musical was named Best Family Show by the Off-Broadway Alliance. To learn more, please visit http://vitaltheatre.org/stinkykids.php.

Book Synopsis
Best friends, Britt and Jen are enjoying a fun summer day at the pool with their StinkyKids friends. While playing, the kids hear a familiar sound – the ice cream truck! When Jen tells Britt that she wants everyone to order the same flavor as hear because “that’s what best friends do,” Britt feels bullied and does not want to play with Jen anymore. Can these best friends be Leaders of Good and work it out, or will their fun day at the pool turn into a wet and sad afternoon? Will the other StinkyKids help Britt and Jen get over their troubles or will they all have to learn a lesson about what it takes to Have a Heart?

Suggested Retail Price: $16.95

ISBN: 13: 9781621670735

About StinkyKids
StinkyKids comes from the creative mind of Britt Menzies, a mom who was inspired by her daughter’s simple request to paint her as a ballerina. StinkyKids is a brand with a fun, unique and fresh approach that teaches life’s lessons through its products and books featuring 10 diverse StinkyKids characters. The StinkyKids characters are little stinKers who learn to make right choices through their childhood mistakes and who live by the motto: “Always be a Leader of Good.” StinkyKids is an innovative brand that appeals to parents for the values it represents and to kids because the characters are real kids getting into real mischief. To learn more about the organization and StinkyKids, visit the StinkyKids website at www.StinkyKids.com.

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