Meet the StinkyKids

The StinkyKids are a group of 10 diverse characters who sometimes get into mischief, and always help each other out of a jam.  They are just like real kids who enjoy jumping in puddles, getting dirty in the sand or laughing from a funny noise.  Kids we can relate to and take us back to our days of when we were StinkyKids ourselves.

The StinkyKids live in the town of Morningside, a magical place that boasts beautiful parks, a jumpy place, swimming pool, and more.  Best of all, Morningside provides the perfect backdrop for exploring and getting into some childhood mischief.

These little stinKers love a good belly laugh, act before thinking, get messy and are honest.  They are smart, but may not always make the right choices, and sometimes get into T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  They are innocent, happy and enjoy simple pleasures.  They are good kids.  A little stinKer is not a bad kid and should not be labeled as one. 

StinkyKids are empathetic, thoughtful and kind and they are their own Superhero.

Come and play with the StinkyKids!!!

Meet each StinkyKid character. Discover their hobbies, favorite colors, favorite foods, and what they want to be when they grow up. Learn about how each StinkyKid character is a ‘Leader of Good’. Enjoy reading about their special talents. Write to your favorite StinkyKid character and tell him/her how you look alike, and enjoy the same fun activities.

Coloring Pages / Play Money

Get your favorites and have fun using your imagination. Print StinkyKids™ coloring pages and personalize your favorite StinkyKid with your favorite colors. Send in your own drawing of your favorite StinkyKid character and you may see your masterpiece live in the Young Artists section of

Young Artists

Come see what other little stinkers have done. Kids can submit their drawings of their favorite StinkyKids and have them posted on the website. Contact Us and we’ll send you a special email address so you can attach and send in your own art.

Share Your Story

Come share your story about how your little stinker is a “Leader of Good”. We’ll be posting stories in our “Your Leaders of Good Stories” section in the near future.

Hide-n-Seek Game

Play hide-n-seek with the StinkyKids in their backyard. Help find all of the 10 StinkyKids and practice counting!! These ‘little stinKers’ can be hard to find!!