My sons are ‘Leaders of Good’ because they show tremendous compassion

Jodi writes:

My sons, Cale 16 and Zach 18, are “Leaders of Good” because they show tremendous compassion. This past 2 years has been especially hard on our family. The boys lost an uncle and grandpa within 6 wks of each other. The uncle was unexpected, the grandpa was a 19 mo. battle with lung cancer. They stepped up and helped out more at home while I was staying with my dad. Then in May of this year, my husband and I separated. Once again, they were there for me and helped carry me through the year. This Thanksgiving, the 3 of us volunteered at our Community Thanksgiving Dinner. They weren’t thrilled about going, but once they got there, they jumped right in and did everything that was asked of them. When we finally sat down to eat together, they asked if we could do it again next year because it was fun and they liked the idea of helping others.

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