Meet Brooklyn – an 11 year old Leader of Good

My 11 year old son, Brooklyn, came to my husband and I when he was ten and asked if he could form his own Cancer Relay for Life team. We were both very pleased to tell him yes he could form a team. He got together a team of eight people. He, himself raised over $3,000 this year for his team. He was the second highest person in Cleveland county to raise the most money. He stayed at the Relay until it was over (from 7pm Friday until 7am Sat.). He was so inspirational to folks that his teachers at his elementary school (who already have a team) asked if he would be their team captain next year to help them raise money. He did every bit of this himself and we are very proud of him and think that he makes a fine “Leader of Good”. – Gina

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  1. Hi Britt: What an ambitious website. Such a mature Brooklyn!!! I have passed this website on to my entire Quinlan family in Ontario, Canada. I love the Johnny Deutsch you tube story. We’ve all been there with stress and learning relaxation. Am continuing to monitor this wonderful website. Am sooo happy cousin Mary sent this to us. Congratulations and much success to come. You’ve done miracles already. I love reading about your mother as well…what an inspiration. Love Patti

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