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StinkyKid Jen

‘Always a Leader of Good’: Teaching how to stay healthy both mind and body Hobbies: Ballet, playing dress up, yoga, meeting new friends with BFF StinkyKid Britt Favorite colors: Periwinkle, sunshine yellow, lavender Favorite Foods: Cheese, chicken burritos, strawberries What she wants to be when she grows up: A Mommy who sings and dances in   …Continue Reading

StinkyKid Billy

‘Always a Leader of Good’: With putting others first and sharing Hobbies: Donating toys with buddy StinkyKid Max at a toy bank, playing video games with his dad, building with blocks Favorite colors: Royal Blue, Grey, Garnet Favorite Foods: Strawberry and banana smoothies, pizza, spinach What he wants to be when he grows up: An   …Continue Reading

StinkyKid Britt

‘Always a Leader of Good’: Helping friends and family “work it out” Hobbies: Coloring, making friendship bracelets with colorful beads, jogging, playing freeze dance, writing to pen pal StinkyKid Skye Favorite colors: Pink, Silver,Blue Favorite Foods: Spaghetti and meatballs, ice cream, bread from the Village Bakery and peaches What she wants to be when she   …Continue Reading

StinkyKid Johnny

‘Always a Leader of Good’: For being the Champion of Fun Hobbies: Being goofy and making his friends belly laugh, playing baseball with his favorite teammate StinkyKid Max, reading, collecting comic books and mint green party supplies Favorite colors: Blue with different color polka dots, Clown nose red, Bluish green Favorite Foods: Beef tenderloin, key   …Continue Reading

StinkyKid Skye

‘Always a Leader of Good’: Keeping in touch with all of her friends and family Hobbies: Writing letters and sending stickers to her pen pal StinkyKid Britt, making popsicles with orange juice, gymnastics Favorite colors: Purplish-pink, Denim blue, Turquoise Favorite Foods: Mashed potatoes, ham and cheese sandwiches, pretzels What she wants to be when she   …Continue Reading

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